Greenway Family Office Services offers customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of every client.


Trust & Company Administration

Our services cover a wide scope of needs for families’ trusts and companies, including trust officer services, corporate governance, and trust advice. We work directly with family advisors, attorneys, and trustees to help clients achieve their financial and planning objectives. We have experience working on generational transitions, with an eye towards protecting a family’s legacy and wealth.

Financial Reporting Services

We offer a variety of services to assist clients in financial reporting, tax compliance, planning and budgeting, and more. Our professionals bring to the table decades of experience in financial reporting and handling complex tax issues. We work closely with clients’ tax preparers to ensure timely tax filing and payments. We also stay on top of any changes to tax laws to ensure we can best meet the needs of our clients. We also maintain all needed financial records for trusts and entities under administration.
Administrative Services

Administrative Services

From cash management and bill payment services to tax payments, we help each family stay organized and in compliance. The team at Greenway helps manage complex family and business structures to help each client meet their financial goals.
Private Trust Company Services

Texas & Nevada Private Trust Company Services

With offices in Houston and Las Vegas, we can work with families to establish and administer private trust companies—privately owned companies that serve as trustee for family trusts—which can be an important tool for families to manage and preserve wealth across generations. We can provide guidance on the benefits of setting up a private trust company, such as minimizing disruptions in continuity, and on the differences between these jurisdictions. With dedicated team members, we have developed expertise around private trust company administration. We have built key relationships with legal practitioners in these and other jurisdictions.